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As a result of the attack, Ian loses his memory and temporarily forgets his sexuality — which his brother Carl sees as an opportunity to turn him straight. The painful realisation that life is too short fuels his determination to start a new life with Karen.

Share or comment on this article e-mail Karen and Frank's affair continues behind the backs of Shelia and Lip. Naked men of tv. Psychologist reveals what your organisation style reveals about you - and if Liam's pursuit of his first true love is threatened when he becomes tangled in a web of his own lies. We're sorry we had to press the pause button, but you are using an unsupported browser.

The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Shameless carl and maxine. I Love Frank On the bus to a re-start course, Frank has the briefest encounters with a beautiful stranger. Meanwhile after all the excitement Karen Jackson seduces Frank and they pair embark on a dangerous and likely disasterious affair.

But sometimes, you find someone, someone who seems to understand it. Tuesday, February 20th, s4e7: Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. Carl wants his family back together and that means getting rid of Norma - for good.

In order to try and make him more tolerant, Ian insists they go to a gay bar. Carl found Maxine at hospital and admitted to her that she was right to abort their child. Micky's attempts to get into his dad's good books go horribly wrong when he accidentally loses the weekly drug pick-up distracted by a hot guy from the local abattoir.

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Maybe they're going to write it as such that Carl is angry about their bond even though nothing is going on.

But what happened to the rest of the cast? Emmy Rossum goes casual in distressed shirt and jeans while out in Beverly Hills After venting about Las Vegas shooting 'Hopefully it'll progress! Kev and Veronica decided to use the money to pay for their house but fake a wedding. Retrieved 20 March Those two upset me the most because they seemed the most real, and the least TV crazy.

It's natural for shows that have been running this long to take bigger and bigger risks, and go to further extremes to get the ratings up, so perhaps it is only to be expected that Shameless would succumb to the same fate. Penny dreadful sex scene. Model Erin McNaught on how a breastfeeding infection almost put her in hospital just two weeks after giving birth to her second son Remembering a friend: Debbie copies videos from Kash's shop and rents them around the estate, but one of her customers accidentally returns a home-made porn tape featuring the local lollipop lady.

But Paddy has a dark history with his sibling and would rather go to jail than ever set eyes on him again. Shameless carl and maxine. But Shane suddenly turns charitable and begins giving the homeless their stock, infuriating Jackson and causing a rivalry between the two business partners.

Were they Veronica and Kev? Liar viewers horrified as unexpected twist sees pregnant police officer embroiled in Andrew's violent rampage Her man! Frank thanks Isaac for his advice and hospitality by stealing his candelabra and legging it. I'm glad Ian was there to help her. Suddenly he's an alien amongst his own family and friends, and even his own sexuality is a mystery.

He and Lip reconcile. Greater Manchester Police Ellen Higginbottom murder: But they fight back and overpower the thug, and drag him back unconscious to their house.

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Carl wants his family back together and that means getting rid of Norma - for good. Meanwhile, Jamie sabotages Karen's application for a wedding licence, and she reacts in a shocking way by standing strong ang making it clear that she'll never let the Maguires get hold of The Jockey. Michael von steel. She already knows about Mickey, and I'm sure she must know about Ian at this point, even though I'm not sure if we've seen definitive on-screen evidence. When Anthony comes around to talk about Fiona she accidentally gets Chilli in her eyes and staggers out into the Garden! Unfortunately, things don't go to plan when Norma proves to be a very tough adversary. On the bus to a re-start course, Frank has the briefest encounters with a beautiful stranger. And Lillian's assigned to a witness protection programme. Terrorist Target Explosions across the estate spark fears that Chatsworth is a terrorist target. Season 6 Tuesday, January 27th, s6e1: A family meal between mother and children ends in disaster when Monica comes out as gay and Fiona walks out. Elsewhere on Chatsworth, Yvonne is in debt and out of her depth when Paddy comes collecting.

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